Statement From Meteorologist Mish Michaels

Boston, MA –
Mish Michaels is an Emmy-award winning meteorologist and science journalist who holds a Bachelors in Atmospheric Science from Cornell and a Master’s in Technology in Education from Harvard. She is widely recognized for her work at The Weather Channel and in Boston media. For the past eight years, Mish has been a stay-at-home mom as well as a children’s book author and creator of an award-winning kids’ music CD about weather. When a WGBH news executive whom she had worked with for almost a decade recruited Mish for a unique position, she decided to give it a try.

Unfortunately, recent media accounts have distorted her position on climate change. She posted a single sentence about the subject in 2009 on her website and has not commented on the subject publically since that time.

Here is her current position on the topic:

“I am not a climate change denier. I never stated that humans do not have an influence on our climate. My point at the time in 2009 was that natural influences appeared to be more significant than manmade ones. Scientists are trying to determine the human impact and how to mitigate or adapt to shifts in our complex climate puzzle. I have deep respect for climate scientists and their challenging mission.”