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For several years, I had the privilege to work as a science reporter for WBZ. I learned from superb story tellers—executive producers Ken Tucci and Bob Dumas. Producing stories for local news is a very different function from daily forecasting and in many ways, is even more difficult. My job was to generate stories through research, shoot stories with a photographer, log interviews, write copy, and edit with experts—often all in one day! And did I mention, also posting a fresh companion print piece on the web. It is a hustle and an incredible education. I loved being out in the community, learning from experts and understanding our region better. My role was largely what the American Meteorological Society calls “station scientist.” What made my job unique was that it was my primary function on staff, versus a secondary function of a daily forecaster.

Given my experience, I have GREAT respect for the general assignment reporters in the field doing it every day—they are the true heroes of the newsroom. Getting these stories on television is also a tremendous group effort and leading the charge are news photographers. Visuals will trump content every time and without their skills to bring the story back to the station in pictures, it does not happen. And the editors who bring your vision for the story together using your words and pictures—it is also the talent of these true artists who bring greater meaning to the story. And I cannot forget my executive weather producer at WBZ—Terry Eliasen. He always had my back seeking out the most obscure images from our archives or producing illustrative graphics at a pinch. His hard work made my work possible and I am eternally grateful.

With photographer Chris Gobeille. With photographer Chris Gobeille in a C-130 shooting Hurricane Hunter story.

Discussing story ideas.
Discussing story ideas
with executive producer.

Climbing an ice fall.
Climbing an ice fall in
Canada for The
Weather Channel.

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